The Edgar Allen Poe Chronicles
A James Mascia Anthology
Edgar Allen Poe Chronicles
March 26 2018 Fellow creator James Mascia has organized a fantastic Anthology. Damage Inc. is a part ofit and I couldn't be happier. 

11 of Poe's stories come to life in new and interesting ways. What if the Masque of the Red Death was about cyber-terrorism? Or what if Annabel Lee was a vampire? We take the classic Poe tales and we add a special twist to them. We visit the Angel of the Odd, and have a Conversation with a Mummy, we will be trapped in the Pit and the Pendulum, and watch as Ligeia becomes a sentient app. Join us as we launch a graphic novel that explores these stories and more.

All the creators are headed to a Kickstarter event sutarting March 26. We will be showing our work and proudly representing  the Poe works!