Meta-hunting for fun and profit
Damage Inc. is the story of five Friends who start a club to hunt down paranormal creatures and superpowered metahumans for Bounties.

The problem is most of the time they suck at it.
 There are actually “Your Mom” jokes in here.
James Ferguson ~ Horror Talk
That’s exactly the feeling I got when I opened the cover of DAMAGE Inc. With a title that definitely promises action, I was sideswiped by a meaningful story
SHAUN BARBOUR~ Outright Geekery

“Second Chance on life inspires latest comic book venture. Shadow Hunters – Damage Inc. cross over event” 

–Comic Crusaders.
Damage INC. #4
Shadow Damage
Its time for the finish of the Sahdow Damage storyline that sees Damage inc. Wrap up the hunt for Jason Due's Shadow hunters. 
Do you enjoy gunfights and Mom jokes?
If you do this book is for you, and I am willing to prove it to you. Click here and I will send you an issue for free! Not to mention I run occasional give aways as well.