James Burton 
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James Burton:

Professionally James is an Award-winning comic book illustrator:

James has been an independent film storyboard artist, The News and Review magazines, penciler/inker for The Vampire of the Lost Highway, cover artist for Knights of the Dinner Table and Psychosis, the creator of Damage Inc. and artist/cocreator for Inheritance.

Outside of his work James is a Father, Husband, and survivor. In 2007 he had to face down level 4 lymphoma just weeks after his daughter was born. The ensuing battle cost him his career, his nest egg, his home, and just after lost his mother, both grandfathers, and his father. When it was over the changes in his life drove him back to creating, and away from the corporate life that had nearly cost him his life.

He creates for a simple reason, he's creating a legacy or his children instead of a burden. Damage Inc. is an ode to the family and friends who fought with him. Nod is an ode to the gift of being a father. He works to show them its not only possibke to build a dream, but a necessity.

Scattered Comics
James is lucky enough to be a part of Scattered Comics, an indie comic publisher located in Sacramento, California. Established by Jason Dube. Under this imprint we create comics about the supernatural, dreams, teenage romance and angst, fantasy and horror. We strive to tell stories that mean something to us. Most of the titles come from real life situations, as well as personal beliefs and fears. 

Contact James
There is very little I enjoy more than making comics. Other than my time as a father and husband I am a RPG Game Master for 25 years, I inherited a disease of VW obsession from my father and Grand father. I have rebuilt several. I also train and teach Martial Arts at the Freeflow Academy in Rocklin Ca.